Your toddler’s first words – helping them build their vocabulary

Teaching your child to speak
Posted by:admin Posted on:Dec 7,2016

As your child gradually starts speaking and conveying themselves using signs, it is the best time to start adding to their vocabulary. During early speaking months, children learn to speak names of people, things and places first. They add words which they hear often and are mostly used by adults while interacting with them. As their vocabulary increases the next stage is speaking in phrases. Thus, it helps in expanding their vocabulary. Some kids often use signs too for conveying their message. If they are taking time to speak but have already started speaking using signs, it is advisable to expand their list of signs too.

Below, we have compiled a list of most common words a toddler adds to their vocabulary. You can use this list to start building your kids existing vocabulary, if they aren’t speaking these words already.

  • Early pronouns

me, mine, my, I, you, it (on reaching age 3, pronouns such as he, she, him, her)

  • The most common nouns

ball, book, train, bike, rain, bubbles, car, truck, boat, plane, baby, bowl, spoon, diaper, sock, shoe, shirt, pants, hat, star, flower, house, tree, brush, towel, bath, chair, table, bed, blanket, light, cookie, cracker, chip, cheese, apple, banana, ice cream, cereal, candy, milk, juice, water, dog, cat, fish, bird, duck, cow, horse, bunny, bear, pig, lion, elephant, giraffe, zebra, monkey, chicken, butterfly, bee, frog, alligator, snake

Names of grandparents, parents, brother/sister. Words such as papa, mummy, dada, dadi, etc.

  • Common Verbs

eat, drink, go, stop, run, jump, walk, sleep/night-night, wash, kiss, open, close, push, pull, fix, broke, play, want, hug, love, hurt, tickle, give, all gone, all done, dance, help, fall, shake, see, watch, look, sit, stand (up), throw, catch, blow, cry, throw, swing, slide, climb, ride, rock, come, colour/draw

  • Location words

up, down, in, out, off, on, here, there

  • Social words

more, please, thank you, hi/hello, bye-bye, again, sorry, okay, yes, no

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