Your guide to Delhi schools’ nursery admission process 2017-2018

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Last year (2016-2017) there was a major shift in the nursery admission process with the interference of authorities. The process became more open and clear for the public. There were times during earlier years when certain schools followed their own guidelines making it difficult for the parents. Some parent complained that they were made to mandatorily buy expensive school prospectuses to fill out application form. However, this changed last year. Last year the admission process also saw introduction of online application system. There were very few schools that followed the online only system and most of the schools followed the online plus the offline system. The parents had to fill up the form online and then submit it with documents in the school premises. The lists however were published online for most of them. Compared to earlier years, this change was a welcoming respite for the parents.

While schools decide their own mode of filing in applications, the authorities viz. DOE (Directorate of Education) has announced certain common processes for all schools to follow. Certain criteria have even been abolished by the authorities. The abolished criteria include parents’ education, their profession, age, verbal test and interview. Though the schools may ask this information, however it cannot use as a part of the selection criteria. Below are few dates you should be aware of:

  1. January 1st – Schools to upload criteria and their points on DOE website
  2. January 2nd – Application forms to be available
  3. January 23rd – Last date of submission of application forms
  4. February 6th – Schools to upload marks (as per point system) given to each applicant
  5. February 15th – Schools to announce first list of selected candidates
  6. February 29th – Schools to announce second list of selected candidates
  7. March 31st – Closure of admission process

When schools publish their criteria, they generally also mention details of acceptable documents (Click here for a comprehensive list view), age criteria (as per DOE minimum age should be 3 years as of March 31st), number of seats, etc. Below is what the point system criteria normally looks like (this may vary from school to school and is only for representation purpose)

Parameters/Criteria – General Category Points

(Localities specified in the map within the aerial radii of 15 Kms. of the school








0 – 1 Km.

1.1  – 3 Km.

3.1 – 6 Km.

6.1 – 8 Km.

8.1 – 15 Km.








(Real brother/sister studying in the school or its mentioned branches)

Parent (Father / Mother) Alumni of School 10 (Father)

10 (Mother)

Girl Child 05
Single Parent

(Widow/Widower/Legally Divorced OR Single Parent with legally adopted child)

Total 100

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    Sure Arun, please visit to apply online for nursery admissions. You can also call our admissions coordinators at 011-3001-8070