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Posted by:admin Posted on:Dec 15,2016

School admissions can be a time consuming task and one of the most important task is to identify the right school for your child. Here are some tips that should help you decide.

  • Speak to people

References help, speak to people in your family and friend circle. Ask them to recommend schools from their personal experience. Speak to parents of students of a particular school and understand their experience. While visiting schools, interact with the staff there, observe their habits and approach to education. Their level of commitment to your child’s future needs to stand out.

  • Involve your child

When visiting schools take your kid along, let them see and experience the environment of the school. It is the child who has to spend their time there and being comfortable with the environment helps. It also gets the child excited about their school life.

  • Understand the school’s methods

The quality of teachers is important and it helps to understand how the school hires their teachers. It is better to know whether they possess the necessary qualifications, expertise and experience in this field or not. Also, understand the teaching methods of the school. Be aware of facts such as the teacher student ratio in the class. Every child has different abilities and interests. It is important for the teacher to be able to give time to every child’s needs.

  • Know the history of the school

Be aware of the school’s track record when it comes to education. An institution is formed with experience and strong values. The vision and the core values that the institution shares should coincide with your aspirations for your child’s future.

  • What does the school have to offer?

Today, education is expensive and as a parent everyone wants the best for their child. Thus, to have information on scholarships options provided by the school and budgeting out the cost in long term versus short term is important. Also, understand the facilities provided by the school. When choosing, consider well maintained building, open playgrounds, properly stacked library, hygienic food, clean restrooms, etc. Apart from education, understand what extra-curricular activities such as art, drama, music, etc. are offered and how frequently. Lastly, find out the security measures the school employs to keep your child’s safety in place. The way the entrance of a kid and a stranger to the school is handled can be an indicator of school’s best practices.

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