The key to getting the best out of the homework

getting the best out of the homework
Posted by:admin Posted on:Oct 15,2016
  • Dedicate a space for your child, a space that they can call their own. The homework space should be a quiet and well-lit space in the house. Avoid making them sit next to a running television or space where there is constant movement of other family members.
  • Build your child’s stationery in advance. All the material required for your child to their homework should be available beforehand. If any special material is required, get it in advance.
  • Build a timetable. Schedule a dedicated time slot in the day for your child to do the homework. For weekdays avoid keeping the time slot just before their sleeping time.
  • Be positive about your kid doing the homework. As long as you understand the importance of it, you will be able to make your kid understand. Tell them why doing homework is important and how it initially helps polishing the skills that you need as an adult now. Share with them experiences of your school and homework days.
  • Be there for the child. Constantly keep an eye on their progress while they are doing the homework. If you sense they are stuck, step in and offer help. Instead of giving out answers, guide them and make them explore methods to find out the answer.
  • A lot of homework activities these days involve active participation of parents. For things such as crafts and model making, it becomes complete responsibility of the parents. Get involved, instead of backing out due to reasons such as lack of time, etc.
  • If you sense it is getting tiring for your child, give them a break. It only helps being considerate towards your child’s need.
  • Lot of times we instruct our kids to sit and do their homework while we get busy with household chores. Participate with them. Homework should mean a quality time both the parent and the child spends together. Make it fun. Your kid should look forward to doing homework.

While it’s important to get involved, also give your child space. Too much sitting on the head deprives the child of their independence. Letting them work on their own will help them to explore on their own and build learning skills. Of course it is important to balance out the freedom versus the involvement

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