How to build your child’s interest in studies

build your child’s interest in studies
Posted by:admin Posted on:Oct 28,2016
  • Be a companion and focus on your child’s strengths. Understand your child’s needs, their likes and dislikes. Everyone loves good grades but it should not come at the cost of your child’s interest. They may be good in music, dance or art but as a parent we tend to divert them towards studies and treat these as secondary. Forcing your child will not help, eventually the kid will lose interest. Most importantly stop comparing or making your child compete with other kids.
  • Make rules and follow a schedule. While being a good companion to your kid, balance it out with some dos and don’ts. It is always easier to enforce rules when you are a friend to your child. Regulate distractions such as computer games and phone videos and monitor your child’s usage of the same. If it’s their time to sleep then no other thing should interfere with it. Similarly, when it’s time to play, the child should be allowed to play without the interference of any other activity.
  • Think like a child and be creative in your approach to get your child to study. Make learning fun such that the child should look forward to it. The school has a defined method of teaching, however at home you can make it work according to the interest of your child. If they love literature, then buy them story books to read. It will not only build their vocabulary but also fuel their imagination. To make mathematics fun, bring in some props such as candies or toys. Get them a blackboard at home, tell them to act like a teacher while you act like a kid getting taught.
  • Encouragement works any day better than criticism. Moreover, it boosts your child’s confidence. Constant nagging and criticising your child will shatter their confidence. Saying no to everything does not help, instead negotiate with your child. Understand that every child is different and similarly their needs and abilities are different. The sooner you find out your child’s abilities, the better it will help you in managing them.
  • If your child constantly expresses disinterest in studies, understand why? Speak to your child and dig into the root cause of the problem. Ask them about their day in the school, about their school friends, etc. If required, speak to the teachers and ask them about your child’s schedule and behaviour in the class. Are they disinterested only when it comes to writing or do they behave same for extra-curricular activities too? Are they being bullied by other kids in the school? These are some important questions to seek answers of, but indirectly.
  • Last but most important, be patient. There are times when we get annoyed, lose patience and are on the verge of losing control. The kid sees and senses it all. When we give up, the kid knows they have been successful in convincing you. This becomes a habit and every time they don’t want to study, they will behave the same. Thus, it is important that you don’t give up and while doing that remain patient and persistent in your approach.

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